Alimak possesses unmatched experience from customized vertical access solutions for the most varying purposes and environments. Here are some examples of what we can deliver:

Kungsträdgården Park, Stockholm

This special 3.5 tonne elevator literally pops up from under the street. It is used by the Stockholm Water Company to transport service personnel and replacement parts to a pumping station 4 m below ground.

Royal Victoria Docks, London

Four external, panoramic elevators provide access to the eye catching footbridge in London's Docklands. Each car takes 11 passengers and the total height of travel is 14 m.

New Telecommunications Centre, Kuwait

A twin-masted platform with a capacity of 12 tonnes is used by the Ministry of Public Works to service the new Telecommunications Centre. The platform travels a total of 62 m.

Additional examples can be found in the Landmarks section.

ALIMAK SPECIAL Industrial elevator

We strive to be the best partner for our customers, regardless of size or location.

Payload capacity
Biggest so far is 24,000 kg
up to 1.0 m/s (depending on the capacity)
Max. lifting height
Practically unlimited (highest so far is 645 m)
Elevator car size
Standard range modularity enables customised car widths and lengths
Motor control
Direct-On-Line (DOL) or Frequency Control (FC)
Safety device type
Power supply range
380–690 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Type of mast
Any suitable Alimak mast
Length mast section
1.508 m
Rack module
5 or 8

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Alimak SE and FM-elevator series are built to withstand harsh environments and installations with or without an existing elevator shaft.

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