At the core of the Company are the well known Alimak rack and pinion and traction elevators, construction hoists and work platform equipment that is known for outstanding, modern design, technological innovation and high quality. Our commitment to R&D is the reason why we have the most modern product portfolio today. Our ambition is to offer the best rack and pinion and traction vertical access products to fulfill our customer´s high expectations and to continue to pioneer vertical access concepts and solutions.

Our products are manufactured in modern and efficient production plants in Sweden and China. We use state-of-the-art production technology which includes robot welding, advanced machining centers, laser cutting systems, automatic rack tooth, and cutters, as examples. With over 70 years in the business, we also know how to evaluate and select suppliers and partners that can live up to our experience-base and well-proven requirements.

In 2019 Alimak received the  ISO 45001 certificate. Our management system controls all vital activities to achieve a safe work environment. This includes chemical control, risk analysis, reporting and investigation of near hits and accidents and management involvement. Safety audits are carried out four times a year in the workshop and two times a year in the office, all improvements found are registered and actions carried out. Annually an employee satisfaction enquire is done to find all aspects of the work situation at Alimak, and action plans are established to ensure improvement.

Quality has always been the hallmark of Alimak rack and pinion and traction elevators. In 1993 the Alimak manufacturing units received the ISO 9001 quality certification for design, development, manufacturing and service. Since then we have been re-certified many times but more importantly we integrated and enhanced the certification demands into the way we work, also encompassing our suppliers. This means that we meet and exceed extreme demands raised in special projects many times verified by independent bodies such as Lloyds, DNV and ABS.

Nothing leaves the factories without the required testing. All critical components are subject to wear and tear testing, for example, all of the over speed safety devices (the most vital safety component) are verified in specially designed testing facilities prior to delivery. We are committed to providing rack and pinion and traction elevator solutions to be used in the harshest and most hostile environments, where quality is a necessity.

In 2009 Alimak received the ISO 14001 certificate. Continuous improvement of our working environment for all employees in terms of safety, ergonomics, technical aids, job satisfaction, air, lighting and noise, is a prioritized activity at the Alimak production facilities. We constantly strive to be ahead of rules, regulations and actively work with minimizing our environmental footprint within the limits of what is technically and financially viable.

Quality in the manufacturing process is very important, but not enough. Without a well tested and proven design, the product reliability could turn out to be poor in the field. The importance of experience, design and engineering cannot be stressed enough, and that is where Alimak is unrivalled. With our huge installed base and our global and well spread coverage of applications, we know what we do and why we do it. Our engineers in the field are all supported by the accumulated wealth of knowledge from the tens of thousands of installations already performed. Safety and reliability is built into our elevators, construction hoists and mast climbers.

Alimak is the original – many have tried to copy us but in the end, it´s the original that counts.


Peace of mind

Our rack and pinion products are designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver customers ongoing reliability and wear resistance in the toughest work environments!