Alimak lift improves access inside the plant’s chimney

Uong Bi Extension 1 Power Station, Vietnam

An ALIMAK SE 400 permanent lift, with a lifting height of 185.4 meters, has been installed inside the chimney of the Uong Bi no. 1 Extension Power Station in Vietnam.

Following the completion of construction of the Phase 1 extension, an Alimak lift is providing access to monitoring equipment inside the 200 meter chimney.

The enlarged Uong Bi thermal power plant no. 1 in northern Quang Ninh province has begun supplying electricity for Vietnam’s national grid following a three-year construction period. The power plant was the first of its kind to be designed, built, installed, and commissioned by Machinery Installation Corporation (Lilama), a Vietnamese corporation.

The initial order for the Alimak lift was placed by the Italian sub-contractor for the chimney construction, Chimneys and Refractories International S.R.L. (CRint). Following the successful installation and commissioning, they are bidding for the second chimney contract on Uong Bi no. 2.

The installed ALIMAK SE 400 features a lifting height of 185.4 m inside the chimney and uses Alimak Hek’s proven rack & pinion drive system. This range of industrial lift provides overhaul, maintenance, and inspection services for power plants across the world.

Lift design

The lifts are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors and indoors, and require no expensive shafts or lift rooms. The Alimak rack & pinion drive system offers advantages over wire rope and hydraulic lifts. They do not require an expensive machine room, as the lift carries its own machinery, and no load bearing lift shaft is required.

The rack & pinion lift also has safety advantages over traction lifts. In a power outage, the car slides back to the nearest landing by gravity at a controlled speed using the centrifugal brake. If the appropriate speed is exceeded, the car is stopped automatically by a safety device.

The ALIMAK SE is available with capacities between 300 kg and 2400 kg, and features 30 different sized standard cars, up to a maximum 1.56 m x 3 m. Travelling speeds are up to 1.0 m/s and lifting heights can be up to 250 m with standard accessories.

Lift details

Uong Bi Extension 1 Power Station Quang Ninh province, Vietnam
Lift type
400 kg
Lift car size
0.78 m x 1.04 m x 2.17 m (W x L x H)
0.59 m/s
Lifting height
185.4 m
Uong Bi Extension 1 Power Station

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