37 Alimak elevators improve access at Nesher’s Ramla cement plant

Nesher Ramla Cement Plant, Ramla, Israel

No less than 37 Alimak rack & pinion elevators with capacities ranging from 200 kg to 2,800 kg are in operation at Nesher’s Ramla Cement Plant in Israel. The first elevator was installed 33 years ago and is still in operation – proving the outstanding quality and longevity that Alimak products stands for.

The Ramla cement plant outside Tel Aviv is the biggest in Israel with an annual cement production of 4.1 Mt. It has been modernized and extended quite substantially in recent years. An increased focus on preventive maintenance has resulted in higher productivity. Special attention has been paid to environmental protection, and strict limits for the emission of dust have been introduced. But the completely dust-free environment is still an utopian dream.

A cement plant is a tough place for any piece of machinery to operate in, and the elevator is no exception. Alimak rack and pinion elevators adapt very well to the dusty environment. There is a working solution for any transport requirement within the plant. Silos, preheaters, electrostatic precipitators, bagging facilities, chimneys and raw mills are typical applications for Alimak elevators.

Elevator capacities may vary depending on the size and weight of the goods to be transported — ranging from maintenance personnel only to heavy replacement parts and sacks.

Elevator applications

Today no less than 37 Alimak elevators improve access at different parts of the plant. Nine elevators are installed at the raw mills #1, 2, 3, 4, 11 and 12. Nine elevators are installed on silos and four on preheater towers. Further more, two elevators on the prime and secondary crushers, two elevators on coolers, two at the electrostatic precipitators, two on the feeding towers, one elevator at the electric room line, one at the coal plant station, one at gamma metrics, one at the stacker reclaimer, one at the power center, and finally the new Alimak SC 45 10/24 at the RDF center.

The first elevator — an Alimak Scando Mini 2/10 with manufacturing number 433 — was installed in 1982. With 200 kg payload capacity, two landings and 8 m lifting height, it gives access for service and maintenance at the stacker reclaimer. The elevator is still in operation 33 years later. Since then, 36 additional Alimak elevators has been installed at the Nesher Ramla Cement Plant. The latest elevator, an Alimak SC 45 with a payload capacity of 1,000 kg, was recently installed at the new RDF center.

Elevator design

Alimak elevators are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors and indoors and require no expensive elevator shaft. The Alimak rack and pinion drive system offers advantages over wire rope and hydraulic elevators. They do not require an expensive machine room as the elevator carries its own machinery and no load bearing elevator shaft is required. The rack and pinion elevator also has safety advantages over traction elevators.

Elevator details

Nesher Ramla Cement Plant, Ramla, Israel
Raw mills, silos, preheaters, crushers, coolers, precipitators, feeding towers, electric room line, coal plant station, power center, etc
No. of elevators:
Elevator type:
Rack & Pinion
Elevator models:
Alimak Scando (various models), Alimak CH, Alimak SC and Hek
Varies between 200 kg and 2,800 kg
37 Alimak elevators at Nesher’s Ramla cement plant

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