Spare Parts

Genuine Alimak replacement parts are the same parts that are used to build your elevator, hoist or work platform. This delivers optimum performance to the end user because parts are engineered to original equipment specifications.

Genuine Alimak components are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance, by reducing downtime and the costs of ownership. That's why we use only genuine Alimak parts as an integrated part of our contracts for preventive maintenance and repairs.

The best way to ensure that your Alimak, Champion, Heis-Tek or Hek equipment remains a tool for truly cost effective operation is to keep the machine 100% original through and through!

Industrial elevator parts

Making life easy for our customers through efficient distribution! From gearbox to motors and brake pads to safety devices… all local Alimak companies stock parts for most Alimak, Champion, Heis-Tek and Hek products in use today. We have invested in building a global replacement parts distribution network, that guarantees parts and components are delivered when needed.

Alimak, Champion, and Hek

We have spare parts stock at local levels through our sales companies and a comprehensive spare parts stock at our central Warehouses in Sweden and China. Contact your closest Alimak office or representative and they will take all the stress and strain out of the situation for you.

Our commitment is to ensure that standard items are delivered within 24 hours from receipt of order (Ex Works from central Warehouse). Our mission is to ensure that we make life easy for operators of any Alimak equipment.

For more information on spare parts for your Elevator, Hoist or Work Platform, please contact your closest Alimak office, representative or use our contact form

Long term partner

Our size and financial stability enables us to support customers by delivering continuous investment in technology, equipment, competence, and services.